HW 3.0

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1. Identify one fad product and show how it could be maintained on the market past its fad stage.

Kisses/Star balls


These product entered the market quickly, created a consumer obsession, sold million of units in a short amount of time, and declined just as rapidly.




Like what I said, Fad products are things that becomes very popular then suddenly forgotten at the same speed. But as you can see, this product are not totally forgotten, there are some people who are still using/ buying this product as a signed that it created a name the market. This past years, they are actually promoting their products by means of advertising. As of now kisses/ Star balls are still competing in the market place. Maybe others are just lowering the prices to attracts the customers or new customers.

Sales slow and profits drop in the decline stage, usually because of advances in technology, a shift in consumer taste, or increased competition. Distribution becomes exclusive, and sales promotions are developed. Products in the decline stage should have their sales, market share, costs, and profit trends regularly reviewed so that managers can decide whether to maintain the product, harvest the product  or drop the product from the product line.



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